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One of Chadi and Company main areas of practice is personal injury law. Chadi’s main focus is to help and properly represent each and every one of their clients to the best of their ability. Chadi knows that this may be one of the lowest times in your life, but it is with the experience and passion of the Chadi team of injury lawyers that they will get what you need, require and deserve because of the sad event you were part of.

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Accident & Injury Lawyers

Our award winning injury lawyers have obtained 100’s of millions of dollars in client settlements, have established precedents at trial and on appeal, and have over a 100 years of combined experience!!!

However our greatest accomplishment comes from the satisfaction of our clients. 98% of pour clients gave us a 5 five star review!!!!

We would encourage you to visit our review page to see what our clients have to say!!!!

We strongly encourage you to compare our experience, accomplishments, and results within any other injury law firm in Alberta.

Once you have retained the services of an injury lawyer at Chadi & Company, you can rest assured in knowing that we will take care of everything and aggressively pursue your case to ensure you the get the full compensation you deserve.

We aggressively pursue every area of compensation to which you are entitled, we are spare no expense in engaging the foremost experts in the province to ensure that your injuries are properly diagnosed and documented. We consult and retain economic experts to ensure that all of your conditions, losses, and even inconveniences are properly accounted for, so we can make sure you are appropriately compensated for all that you have lost.

All of our injury cases are handled on a percentage of recovery (contingency), so you are never responsible for out-of-pocket legal fees. We cover all costs necessary in proving your damages!!!! You only pay upon the successful resolution of your case.

Our lawyers also offer free consultations, without obligations.

Car Accident Lawyer

Getting involved in a car or vehicle accident is never fun but when getting into an accident where there was personal injury as a direct result of the impact, is the worst case scenario to be in. We have seen many of our clients consider this as one of their lowest points in their lives, battling through injury and long term chronic pain. Whatever the size of the accident, our bodies are not accustom to that level of impact, especially our necks or heads. We know how scary this can be, but that is one of the main reasons we are so passionate about taking your side and representing you so that you are well compensated and looked after in your time need. We know that you are dealing with doctors and rehab, we just want to make sure you are getting everything you need to get back to where you were and if that isn’t possible, we will look to get you what you will need for the short term and long term. We pride ourselves as one of the best car accident law firms in Alberta, if you are injured or hurt because of a car accident, give us a call, we can help!

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Brain Injury Lawyer

Chadi and Company are recognized and recommended as the top brain injury lawyers in Edmonton, Fort McMurray and all of Alberta. Chadi provides assistance, advocacy and the best legal representation to any Albertan in the event of an accident, serious brain trauma resulting in a head injury. As proven head and brain injury lawyers, ensure that your best interests are always in mind as we work for you so that you receive the best possible medical advice and rehabilitative care required to get you back on your feet physically and financially. We know the road ahead maybe tough, but rest assured that we have your back so you can concentrate on getting better.

Brain Injury

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Over 86,000 Canadians are living with a spinal cord injury. Everyone of those Canadians has their own unique story of how it happened to them. We are well aware that a high percentage of those spinal cord injuries was through a car accident or some sort of accident that could have been prevented quite easily. The fact is that with spinal cord injuries, there is a lot of expenses, treatment, rehabilitation, accommodations and financial burdens that are taken on by these unfortunate individuals. Family’s lives are changed forever in the blink of an eye and many people don’t know where to turn for these types of issues. This is something that we are not only very experienced in but we are also extremely dedicated and passionate about. We know that the money needs to come from somewhere to pay for all of this and that is where we would love to represent you so you can start working towards rebuilding your life knowing that we are in your corner getting you what you need to move forward.

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