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Victims of Crime

If you are the victim of a violent crime in Alberta, you may be eligible for a Financial Benefit. Call the law office of Chadi & Company now to see if you are eligible for a cash award for your injuries.




In order to be eligible for a Financial Benefit, you must have been the victim of a violent crime that occurred in Alberta.

You must have reported the crime to the police and have cooperated with the investigation.

You do not have to wait for the perpetrator to be convicted or even charged.

You are eligible for Financial Assistance even if you do not know the identity of your attacker. As long as you provided the police with all information you have about the offence and offenders.

If you have a criminal record for violence, your award may be reduced in certain circumstances



How Much Am I Entitiled To?

The compensation paid for your injuries is determined according to the following chart.

The Victims of Crime Program does not pay for property damage or economic losses (such as missed work or loss of income).

In rare cases involving total disability, a monthly supplement may be available.

In most cases you are only entitled to a one-time payment for your 3 most substantial injuries.



How Long Does It Take To Get My Money?

The time it takes to process your application is dependent on a number of factors, but on average it takes between 8-12 months to obtain compensation.


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