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98 % of our clients gave us a five star review Precedent setting results, at Trial and on Appeal Recognized as Expert Criminal Defence Lawyers No Expense or Effort spared pursuing your Best Outcome

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Our Award Winning Personal Injury Lawyers have obtained $ 100,000,000 ’s in client settlements. We have obtained precedent setting results throughout Alberta. Our Focus is to help you get the financial compensation you deserve.

Our Criminal Lawyers have defended against the largest and most high-profiles prosecutions in Alberta History, including charges of First Degree Murder, Criminal Organization, Criminal Conspiracies, Thousands of Impaired Driving Offences and countless drug prosecutions.

How the Lawyers at Chadi Can Help You

Dedicated personal injury lawyers at Chadi & Company, Barristers throughout Alberta have extensive experience working with cases like yours. Focused exclusively on injury cases, they can help you understand how the law applies to your unique situation so you can make an educated decision about how to proceed. Chadi & Company’s lawyers know the challenges you face after an injury and will work tirelessly to protect your rights and ensure that you receive any and all benefits to which you may be entitled. The sooner you have the lawyers at Chadi & Company on your side, the sooner you can pursue and obtain the resources you need to recover and take back control of your life.

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Personal Injury Law

The Accident Injury Lawyers at Chadi & Company are dedicated to ensuring that you are fully and completely compensated for the injuries you have sustained in a Motor Vehicle Accident. Our lawyers have won awards, and achieved precedent setting results on behalf of our clients. We are willing to take cases to Trial and to the Court of Appeal when necessary. Our goal is to ensure is that you get the full financial compensation you deserve.

 No Up Front Fee’s – We get Paid When You Get paid

There are no up-front fees and you are never out-of pocket for any expenses. Our fees are based upon a percentage of recovery (a contingency), which means we get paid when we win your case and our fee is based upon a percentage of your recovery. We cover all expenses required to prove your case, you will never be responsible for the costs of medical reports or assessments. You will never be out-of-pocket, we cover all expenses necessary, you so you can focus on getting better.  

 Our Experience  

Our Injury lawyers have over a hundred years of collective experience in the area of motor vehicle accidents and have obtained 100’s of millions of dollars in client settlements. We have represented victims in every type of motor vehicle accident possible and have dealt with virtually every type of injury imaginable. 

Our expert personal injury lawyers have a wealth of experience in dealing with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, internal injuries, psychological damages, and chronic pain. 

 Our Results

Our results are precedent setting and award winning. Our lawyers have settled million upon millions of dollars, and have represented over 10,000.00 injured Albertans. 

We have conducted hundreds of Trials and Numerous Appeals.

Criminal Law

The Expert Criminal Defence Lawyers at Chadi & Company, have decades of experience in representing individuals accused of Criminal Code and Drug Offences. We have successfully defended against virtually every prosecutable offence in The Criminal Code of Canada and The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. We have done so at every level of court in the Province of Alberta, including The Provincial Court of Alberta, The Court of Queen’s Bench and the Court of Appeal. 

We provide representation at every stage of the criminal process: advice upon arrest, bail hearing, detention reviews pre-trial applications, criminal trial and appeals. 

 Our Experience 

In addition to successfully defending the largest drug prosecutions in Alberta history and 10,000’s of thousands of impaired drivers, our Expert Criminal Defence Lawyers have successfully defended against virtually every prosecutable offence in the Criminal Code, including: Violent Crimes, Computer and Internet Based Offences, Sexual Offences, Firearms Offences and White Collar Crimes.   

Our trials lawyers have conducted thousands of trials and bail hearings, and hundreds of appeals.      

 Our Results

Our Expert Criminal Trial Lawyers have won not-guilty verdicts across the county, before Judges, Justices and Juries. We have successfully had a multitude of convictions overturned by appellate courts. We have obtained bail for clients facing the most serious and sensational allegations possible in extremely high profile cases.  

What our Clients Say

"Chadi and Co. is always prompt get back to any inquiries or referrals. Clear to explain things no matter the situation. Ajay is an excellent lawyer who is well versed and upfront. I have sent clients to them when they required representation. If they did not provide a wonderful service within the firm, they made sure to make a solid recommendation elsewhere."

-Vivre Salon and Barbershop

"I was very pleased with the quality of representation I received by Ben Wiebe. He was always available to answer all my questions and gave me excellent advice. I highly recommend both Ben and Chadi and Company for your legal needs. In fact, family members have since used their services and were equally impressed"

-Gina Albo

"I used the services of Chadi and Company, and specifically Lidia Handous, on my recent home purchase. As a first time buyer, I felt almost lost in the process. I had so many questions which Lidia and her team were able to answer in a knowledgeable, prompt, and and extremely professional manner. I am really thankful I had such great representation and would use Lidia again for my legal needs. I highly recommend this firm!"


"All great professional lawyers and staff. extremely well priced service, They make you feel comfortable and make sure you’re well-prepared. "

-James O'Malley

Chadi & Company

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