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Firearms and Weapons Offences Lawyer EdmontonProsecutors pursue firearms and weapons offences aggressively, and the penalties can be severe. Outcomes vary greatly based on the nature of the charges and the specific facts of your case.

Following an arrest on firearms or weapons charges, you will receive a date and time to appear in court. It is imperative that you comply with these orders and any other imposed conditions. If your firearms have been seized, a hearing will be scheduled for 30 days after the seizure to determine whether they will be forfeited to the state.

At Chadi & Company, our experienced weapons offence lawyers have successfully defended countless clients against weapons charges and other serious offences in Edmonton and across Alberta. We will thoroughly investigate your case to determine how to proceed while ensuring that you fully understand your rights and options throughout the entire process.

Weapons Offences

In Alberta,

“weapon” means a firearm or any other device that propels a projectile by means of an explosion, spring, air, gas, string, wire or elastic material or any combination of those things;

There is a range of firearms offences and penalties under the Firearms Act and the Criminal Code. The most common firearms offences are use and possession offences.

Use Offences

Use offences include using a firearm or imitation firearm while committing or attempting to commit another offence.

Other use offences include careless use, violations of storage regulations, and pointing a loaded or unloaded firearm at another person.

Possession Offences

Possession charges are typically less serious but can still result in significant sentences. In fact, even possession of an imitation weapon can result in up to ten years’ imprisonment.

A possession offence includes possession of a weapon for dangerous purposes or with a particular carrying offence.

A possession charge is laid when it is found that the primary purpose for which a person holds a firearm is dangerous to the public peace.

Penalties for Weapons Offences in Alberta

As with any crime, the penalties for a weapons offence vary greatly based on the severity of the offence and whether or not there were any aggravating circumstances.

Examples of common weapons offences and their corresponding penalties include:

  • Possession of firearms or imitation firearms – imprisonment up to ten years for the first offence;
  • Unauthorized possession of a prohibited, restricted, unregistered or stolen firearm – imprisonment up to ten years;
  • Any use of a firearm or imitation firearm – imprisonment up to 14 years; and
  • Carrying a concealed weapon – imprisonment up to five years.

And less serious charges can still lead to significant time behind bars. An experienced criminal defence lawyer can be the difference between a dismissal of charges and spending years in jail.

Defending Weapons Offences

The outcome of a firearms and weapons offence depends largely on multiple factors, including the circumstances and severity of the charges against you, whether or not you have a prior criminal history and the quality of your legal counsel.

Even when charges are serious, there may be ways to avoid significant jail time. A skilled weapons offence lawyer will look for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and position you for the most favourable outcome possible.

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